Consulting | Design

It all starts with you and us at the Showroom and a cup of coffee. There you will share your idea with us and we will record your requirements and needs. We will advise and customize the material to your needs.

We will record the following,

  • Creation object . ( Bench, Washbasin, Furniture etc. )
  • Size & Dimensions . ( Size doesn't scare us, from half a meter to 4, 5 or 6 meters. It all depends on the access door. )
  • Coloring . ( We have a huge range of colors and the ability to produce your own shade )
  • Texture . (Smooth / Salt & Pepper / Polished / Hand Pressed)
  • Shine Level . (Matt / Satin / Glossy)
  • Final protection. (depends on intended use.)

Do not searching any more finding the right product that will fit your space. Regardless of your design needs, at Renovatio Design Concrete we will do our best to make you happy with this collaboration. We have the ability, knowledge and professionalism to deliver you the highest quality of concrete products. for your home or your business, on time, every time.


The construction is based on the design solution which you decided. The products are fully manufactured in our workshop.

The construction process and is complicated and it takes about 3-5 weeks from the pre-measurement until installation.

  • For Kitchen concrete countertops, it is necessary to pre-measure and design the kitchen furniture where the concrete countertop will be placed in order to obtain precise dimensions and details of the design. We visit the house and receive a standard pattern similar to granite or other stone products. Concrete Countertops are manufactured in our workshop in a highly controlled environment that is critical to the quality standards thet required for mixing, curing and sealing processes.

In the case of individual products such as furniture or washbasins, no pre-measurement is required. Just a simple design is enough in order to prepare a realistic visualization before production.

Delivery | Installation

We undertake the delivery and complete placement of products in your area. We undertake the transportation and installation to ensure that the furniture will arrive and be installed without problem.

  • For products that do not require special installation procedure as furniture and bathroom sinks will be no extra charge.
  • Extra charges for kitchen countertops and products requiring a technical installation process.

Request Quote

Send us your project details or photos with your contact details at We will check the details of your project and will contact you within 24 hours.

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