We are coming to your place in order to collect your requirements, your needs and discuss with you what you want to construct. The design will be based upon your own directions that we have received from you.

We will record the following,

  • Installation location
  • Size and dimensions
  • Colors
  • Texture
  • Final protection

Do not trouble finding the right product that will fit in your place. No matter what the needs of your design are, Renovatio Design will make your fantasy reality. We have the ability, knowledge and professionalism to deliver you the highest quality products for home or commercial, on time, every time.

Design Products in 3D

While collected in detail the information that you give us and with our experience, we will design your products on 3D designs and will includes one or more meetings, depending on the scale of the project.


The construction is based on the design solution which you approve. The products are manufactured entirely in our workshop.

  • For Kitchen Concrete Countertops is necessary to Pre-measure the kitchen furniture which will install the countertop and take accurate dimensions and details of the project. We will visit the house and get a pattern template similar manner granite or other stone products.
    Cocnrete Countertops are constructed in our workshop in a highly controlled environment, which is crucial to the quality standards we demand for the mixture, curing and sealing procedures. We manufacture our products with ecological awareness to create a fully ecological product than other types of similar products.
    We are using Greek raw materials, directly contributing to the strengthening of the Greek economy. We use techniques which allow us to have zero wastage during production of a product compared to marble, granite and quartz. For the sealing process using water-based products containing zero (0) VOC, which also make our products even more environmentally friendly.


  • In the case of individual products such as furniture or sinks not need estimate of quantities.

Delivery – Installation

We undertake delivery and complete installation of the products on your place. The transportation and the installation will be done by our specialized technicians so as to ensure that the furniture will arrive and will be placed intact and in the best possible way.

  • For products that do not require special installation procedure as furniture there will be no extra charge.
  • For kitchens and products that require technical installation process charged with extra charge.

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If you require an estimate for a project please provide us with as much information as you can.
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