Concrete Sinks and Vanity countertTops, Wall and Floor Showers and Bathtubs


The Handmade Concrete Sinks and concrete countertops have many features that you can customize as the color, thickness, size and final shape.
Whether for residential bathroom or for use in a commercial space, such as a restaurant or an office, choosing a concrete sink you can cover up all your design needs. In RENOVATIO DESIGN we provide a wide variety of designs from individual sinks (floating sinks), countertops with integrated sink or without ready to accept any modification you wish or we can design the sink you imagine covering your exact specifications.

GFRC Νιπτήρα από μπετον με μεταλλικό έπιπλο #9
GFRC Πάγκος με νιπτήρα από μπετον #8

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