Renovatio Design was founded as a response to the current consumer culture. After five years, you will not see our pieces thrown on the roadside, damaged wait a second owner or scavenger. Put simply, we build to last.

We Believe
That the form and function go hand in hand.
That there is beauty in imperfection of natural materials.
The material plays a critical role in the design.
That our products are living entities that are being better in time to time.
This produced in GREECE yet counts some.

We Use High quality materials spending countless hours in creating prototypes in testing, and sometimes destroy our own projects starting from scratch. always careful to provide the best quality, a beautiful, carefully crafted piece that will server its purpose for years.

The box plays a strong role in the operation of an object.
The design is a process of problem solving.
Everyone should own a piece of furniture that will survive over time.
The cost should not be the determining factor in a purchase.
Life is too short to do bad things.

Established in 2015

by Stelios Apostolakis

They say they need more than 10,000 hours of work in each area to become a professional in his job.
Over the years, Stelios Apostolakis invested over 20.000 hours in learning GFRC technique.

Renovatio Design was founded in 2015 by Stelios Apostolakis. Originally started as a creative outlet from the standards and making projects for his personal place, allowed him to explore new materials and techniques, Renovatio Design soon became its own entity which is associated with customers who appreciate the design aesthetic, its distinctive crafts, and unwavering commitment to quality.

What we do


RENOVATIO DESIGN is the only one that uses sand quartz products as raw materials, creating high-quality products such as kitchen concrete counters, bathroom sinks, dining tables, fires pits and contemporary furniture with designs beyond imagination.

Our Purpose is to provide products and applications solutions adapted to customer needs, where no other market material would not have this quality and beauty.

Our Scope is to highlight the natural beauty of the materials and natural colors. Also, from a wide range of colors follow the modern design without limitation, creating unique structures. The company works with architects, designers, decorators, but also directly individuals customers, offering them original and unique designs for the modernization of their individual or commercial place.

Using unique and innovative techniques such as:

  • GFRC (glass fibers for reinforcement of concrete). For specific design requirements.
  • PRE – WET CAST (Wet Cast). Flat surfaces for Kitchen, Dining Tables, etc.
  • HANDPRESSED TECHNIQUE . Apply with the experienced craftsman hand for creating fantastic different shades and finishes.
  • SIMULATED STONE TECHNIQUE (simulated stone surfaces). For products with a final appearance of stone in natural color or in selected color.
  • RECYCLED GLASS COUNTERTOPS . Recycled glass transparent or colored and combined pigment created impressive products.

All surfaces are protected with water and oil sealers, were the customer could choose from the following:

  • NATURAL. Mat natural surface.
  • SATIN or WAX. Satin sealer with protective wax.
  • GLOSSY. Glossy surface for better protection from acid liquids (such as lemon, vinegar, wine).

RENOVATIO DESIGN pioneer creating contemporary furniture for demanding customers.

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